About BDM

Professional Business Group every year conducting  BDM (Business Delegates Meet) and inviting  specific or Target oriented people  on one platform to provide opportunity to entrepreneurs to have a networking among people and increase their business, to  help each and support  by sharing ideas, showing professionalism, avoiding unhealthy competition and having unity in operations, together, we can help each other thrive in this nation, with support and referrals. The Company Vision is to create more entrepreneur and support them to grow. More Entrepreneur more employment opportunities. PBG have a mission of creating 10,0000 new employments by end of 2025. Business networking can give you access to new opportunities you might not be able to find on your own. Visit our BDM and transform your business.

BDM - Level 1

Our first Business Delegates Meet, in collaboration with Mr. Ahmed Jassim, shone a spotlight on the AJ Group. This networking and informative occasion, held in March 2022 in Doha, Qatar, brought together partners from diverse companies associated with Mr. Ahmed Jassim. The event provided a platform for participants to share valuable feedback and showcase the services or products offered by their respective companies, laying the foundation for future collaborations and knowledge exchange within the business community.

BDM - Level 2

The Professional Business Group, in collaboration with Cluster International, successfully hosted the Business Delegates Meet (BDM) on October 22, 2022, at Crown Plaza, Doha. The event brought together prominent PRO companies in Qatar to foster networking, exchange ideas, and promote unity in operations. Participants showcased professionalism, avoided unhealthy competition, and explored avenues for mutual support and referrals. Moving forward, the connections made during BDM are expected to contribute to the growth and thriving of these businesses in the Qatari market.

BDM - Level 3

The 3rd Business Delegates Meet (BDM), organized by the Professional Business Group, took place in Dubai on January 4th, 2024, at Flora Inn Hotel. This event, conducted in collaboration with BNI Qatar, Media One TV, and Avenue Professional, focused on exploring new business opportunities, investment possibilities, and business expansion in the Gulf region, encompassing Qatar, UAE, and KSA. Esteemed industry experts addressed various relevant topics during the event, providing valuable insights for participants.

Press Meet

Our Press meet was conducted on 15th of October 2022 with 13 media persons. This press meet was formed to give the press an idea of what Professional Business Group is all about. And with the celebration of the 10 years of business success, the upcoming events, BDM (Business Delegates Meet) & PSL (PBG Soccer League) were explained with its purpose and the motto behind it.

Invitation Campaign

The management of PBG invited all the clients from various typing centers across Doha to join then for the BDM and PSL and be part of a bigger circle filled with better opportunities. 51 companies were invited for the upcoming events.

Our Director Board

Ali Hassan Thachharakkal


Fasal Rahman Thachharakkal

Vice President

Ahmad Jumah RF Al-Jassim

Advisory Director

Abdulrahman Saleh AA Alashqar

Advisory Director

Mohamed Nyzam

Executive Director

Siyahu Rahman

Event Director


PR Director


Finance Executive


Event Coordinator

Mohammed Shabeeb

Technical Executive

Vishnu Prakash

Technical Executive

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